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getting all closed in

Starting to lay the stone on the front corners this week. Framing inspection complete, doors on their way. Excited to open our front door which was salvaged from an old Halifax storefront which sat in the depths of one of my favourite stores Renovators Resource. …

Roof tight at last !

Looking great after fighting the elements, we got a lucky week with good weather and finished sealing in the roof. Next step is to get started on our electrical work, flooring, drywall ¬†and soon we will be cooking up pizza pies! Nice view is always …

No Mo Fence

took the fence off to expose our new home to the world. doors are coming in soon, block layers to start the exterior walls next week! can’t wait. the storage locker is filling up with treasures that need a place to shine.

Layin Block

Nearly done our largest brick firewall, enjoying some fortunate weather in January, done all the framing inside.