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Looking forward to new friends on Agricola

Met up with the owner of Bridge Brewery Halifax last week and sampled the goods. Trust me, it is good. Getting some buzz on the coast this week as well! check out the printed version to see a little love for us and this article …

Sunny Daze

The site is ready to have footings poured, unfortunately we have to wait for permits to clear


That’s quite the hole we have now!

Clean up

We like to keep our kitchen clean, our language clean, and our construction site clean.


Pizza + Soda Pop + Music =  Pizza Party Even though we are not yet able to provide the pizza and soda, we can certainly give you some funky dance tunes to jam out to. These are some of our favourite songs to eat pizza …

Even more treasure!

During the demolition I noticed something colourful emerging from the rubble. Turns out this was hidden under one of the floorboards for some reason?! Why question it right? After some research I only found one example. Apparently this sign was made in St. Thomas Ontario …


Knocked down our old building today, looking forward to getting going on the construction!!