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Sunday tidings

Cherry pizza…? Really? Have a nice weekend

Sangria Saturdays!

It’s a beautiful day in Nova Scotia, so we decided to drive up to the Annapolis Valley with the dogs. After stocking up on fresh fruits & veg, our favourite bread, and a whole box of meat from Oultons Farm we realized how long it’s …


The demolition of the building will be starting in the next week. Our neighbor is also being destroyed at the same time as us, after a fire in 2011 caused structural damage and has been vacant. Keep posted for more updates with pictures.

A Little Buzz

Thanks to the Coast for mentioning us in “The Feed”, nice little article by Rachel Bloom. We will be sure to send you a nice tomato pie when the ovens are in!

seems so natural

I would insist on beer flavoured pizza, but that would be tougher to draw. This did receive a response from Garrison Brewing however… looking forward to demolition.

More treasure…

A little off topic from pizza, a few months ago, Mother’s made a friendly visit to our friend Reverend Bob down at the monkeys paw curiosity shop within the walls of Plan-B Merchants Co-op on Gottigen St where we noticed this old clock. Luckily we scooped it …

Have a nice weekend

and remember…

Some treasures

Discovered some old silk screened advertising (from before address number conversions (180 young became 5710 young))   Also, found a couple of safes which unfortunately had no money in them. The safes are around the corner at Bone’s Body shop on Bilby St. right now …

Aerial photo from 1963

As you maybe have guessed, we are super excited to be joining the community and have been doing a bit of research into the area. Here you can see the location of the building circled in yellow. Notice the old Piercey’s lumber yard and the …

The Old Building

The soon-to-be location of Mother’s . This building has a long history in the north end, originally a house converted into a  plumbing supply company which operated for multiple generations. Don’t be scared of the guard dog in the window though, he doesn’t bite (unless …